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What's our deal?

Fashion is a dirty business, so let's roll up our sleeves and clean it up


Sustainable Fashion 101 was born out of a campaign for Net Impact's Wear it Wise program. Originally a spreadsheet that our founder Alex used to provide her friends with sustainable fashion options, this website is designed to be a resource to help young professionals and college students take steps to become more sustainable without breaking the bank. Cause you can be stylish AND sustainable (#winwin)! 

There are so many ways to be sustainable and it doesn't happen overnight. We want to show the actions (both big and small) that people can take. Remember, no one is perfect, but every day offers an opportunity to make a difference. 

Our philosophy is less about being preachy (cause that has never worked in the history of time) and more about helping others channel their urge to do good and to give a damn about what they keep in their closets. 


As the site grows and evolves, we will continue to add additional resources to the site. 

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